How I view myself

How do you view yourself? What comes to mind when you think about yourself?

How do you describe yourself to yourself?
The mind thinks in pictures, so what pictures have you collected that define you?

Back in 2015 I hit a bit of an identity-crisis.
Who am I? What am I doing? Why does everyone else (seem to) have it all together?

I was in a purposeless depression, carrying massive self-doubt from disappointments and rejections, yet trying to keep everything together on the surface.

I decided to mind map my life. I asked myself what would make me the most fulfilled if I achieved it in the next 5 years? What difference do I want to make? What problems do I want to solve? This is what came out of it:11904712_10153601972823410_3543630791696075738_n

This was a defining moment for me; to actually grasp visually what I wanted to do with my life and how it all came together through me.

While much has changed from that original ‘blueprint,’ my life has taken on a massive sense of purpose and direction which has opened up opportunities that I could never have dreamt of.

Even if you feel unsure of your true God-purpose, just go hard at your desires and things will start clarifying themselves very quickly.
God can only steer your boat once its moving…

I regularly edit and update my life map, almost every week actually.
Tinkering with this map helps me get through those mornings of self-doubt and motivate me through low energy patches.

This is my current one, majoring on my 5 life values:FullSizeRender

I hope this helps you to better map out and visualise your life and the purpose that burns in your heart.

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