A Subtle Switch

Our hearts are most satisfied by contribution, not consumption.

We think it is consumption that will make us happy.

Our culture ravenously consumes relationships and resources in a bid to fill the gaping hole of meaning inside of us.

It is an empty promise which says that just a little bit more consumption will make everything better.

A little bit more money, a little bit more love, a little bit more fame…

We were made by a Creator, in His image, to create.
Anything less and our souls feel the holy dissatisfaction of being the full awesome might of a jet-fighter creeping slowly along in rush hour traffic, knowing we were made for so much more than this gridlock of meaningless consumption.

At the end of the day we have two choices.

Option 1) Plan your life around your consumption.

Option 2) Plan your life around your contribution.

And so often it is the things we love to consume that point us in the direction of what our greatest contribution to the world could be.

Make a list of the things you absolutely love to do, have, attend, enjoy, and consume.

Now how could you re-oreint your life to start producing some of these things?

What are 3 steps that you could take this week towards making a life of contribution?

At this point, fear buts in and mocks you for thinking that you could possibly contribute these things that your deepest truth is longing to express to the world.

If you cannot handle this moment, you will relegate yourself to the shadows of conformity as you bitterly watch others do what you will not.

Breathe right into this feeling and grin. Get that sparkle in your eye.
Thrust your shoulders back and own your truth. Breathe in deep. Eff fear.

Welcome this discomfort that accompanies a life of growth and creation!

Do what you have faith for and let God catch your falls.

Like father like son, go rock the world with the greatness of your contribution.

*discom fort

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