As if you owned it…

How would you walk into a place if you owned it?


Now, how would you walk into your Purpose if you owned it?

You do own it right? Man, stop apologising for your Purpose. Start celebrating your authentic self.

Look at yourself in the mirror and take ownership of your life. So many of us are hoping to God for something to change, yet not doing anything to change. God is in Authority, He is not in Control. He gave control of the earth to man (Genesis 1v26-29).

God has made man in His likeness. We were made to create and change our environment!

Stop waiting on other people to create your life. Step out of the boat and risk it for your Purpose. That is when people will be attracted to your faith and direction and will willingly offer you help.


I love helping people that are actively going for things. I’m pretty sure God feels the same way.

Proverbs 16v9 says “a man plans his way in his heart, the Lord directs his steps.” Which I take to mean as actually stepping out after your heart and God will then be able to start directing those steps. If you don’t step out, God has nothing to direct.


This is the great theme of faith; to step out in risk. Romans 14v23 says that “Whatever is not of faith is sin.” In other words, if you are not doing what you have faith for, then you are living in fear and separating yourself from God’s mindset.


James 2v18 says “I’ll show you my Faith by my actions.”

So lets take some actions. I’ll ask some questions that we can then implement from.

Think about your highest Purpose. What do you want to be, do, and have that will contribute most to the world? (remove money as a limiting factor) Write down everything that comes to mind.

What do you want to be, do, and have, that will make you feel most significant and fulfilled? Write down everything that comes to mind.


Define these items more clearly. I wrote “Be Athlete Fit.” How specifically though? How do you know when you are? “Well, be able to complete a pistol squat, a pike into handstand, 3 breathes/minute, and 100x 50lb kettlebell swings.”

Now we have a specific, measurable goal to aim towards.

Mark each item as a short term (with in the next 6months), medium term (within the next 3 years), long term (5years out and more), and/or an ongoing goal. These can then be pencilled into year planners and monthly planners, or if you are more spontaneous like me, you can just stick your goals up on your wall or fridge.

Now what are the actions/habits to get these items rolling? Schedule them, and share them with your supportive circle.


Carry and deliver yourself as if you actually owned your Life’s Purpose.

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