Get onto the Offensive

Offence is only taken when it affects your reality.
If you throw a stone into a pack of dogs the one that yelps got hit.

If someone calls me an (insert insult/blame here) I am by no means offended, as I have a very secure self worth. If I am living with integrity to my values then someone calling me what I am is actually a compliment to my integrity and not an offence to any lack of integrity.

And if someone calls me what I am not, then I chuckle and move on with my amazing life.
My identity is not defined by public opinion. My identity is defined when I act in accordance to my values. Be a good person, but don’t waste your time proving it.

We can get so busy trying to control people who differ from us (because they are scary to our reality) that we can forget to go out and create our own life.

Then we look back at all the nothing we have made and blame the people who won’t be controlled by us (how intolerant of them!) for the results we didn’t get with the work we didn’t do.


What would make you feel significant, fulfilled, and appreciated if you did it?
Go out and start pursuing that direction with fearlessness and integrity.
The lure of controlling people will be a bitter and empty road to waste your life upon.

Get onto the offensive and make something of your life, even when it makes others uncomfortable…


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