Human Software Updates.

God created life to run on systems and principles.
Think about gravity, think about the weather, think about seed growth, think about light, think about blood flow.
All have predictable systems or principles surrounding or underpinning them.


We are fearfully and wonderfully made, and God knew us before we were in our mothers womb (Jeremiah 1v5 and Psalm 139). Think about that.
God has made each of us with a unique purpose, yet with a clearly designed operating system with which to facilitate that purpose.

Psychology is the study of the human mind, or the study of ‘why do we behave this way?’ Our mind has predictable systems and principles which surround and underpin our behaviour.

If we can identify our system, we can start to harness its ‘software’ and program our own behaviours rather than just cruise through our life locked into autopilot.


One of the ways to identify our human software system is to use the Myers-Briggs type indicator (you can do this in 10 minutes).

Now to those of you who are cringing at being ‘put in a box,’ relax.

This is not a box to define you, it is a platform to launch you. In fact, finding out my archetype is what set me free from the expectations and condemnation of who I thought I had to be. I am now fully, confidently my magnificent self. I also hold space very well for people who are different to me. I used to think that my brother (who is the exact opposite personality to me) was a mean jerk. Now I know that he is simply wired differently and has no malice towards me at all. Life changing.

Be sure to answer the questions with the harsh truth and not your idealised responses as I did at first. The sure way to confirm your archetype is to identify with your decision making function.

There are 4 decision making functions of which one will be your dominant. I love the work that the guys over at PersonalityHacker have put into describing these functions. I will explain these in more detail with a future post.


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