The Magic is in the Biography

My wife and I recently finished a great Biography of a couple who lived an uncommon life.

People who do not read biographies may live with a distorted view of what life is supposed to look like.


If the TV is our template for normality, we may end up frustrated, depressed and anxious as we try to match our day-to-day living to the highlights only, scripted degenerate plays that we assume to be our future.

But reading the story of a person’s life? Now there is someone’s hard won experience to wade knee deep into. You see it all, the “successes,” the “disasters,” and the everyday details that make even the greatest of men simply human.

Learn from others’ mistakes. Learn from others’ trivialities. Learn from others’ successes.


By the way, you should be writing your own story everyday: the power of journaling…



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