Surviving Assassination

“Do not give in to evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it.” – Ludwig von Mises



Watch this quick vid which explains why our generation is so afraid of speaking out.

“Males are more likely to be physically damaging than females are, but what females use is reputation savaging.”

In a hyper-feminized society, the man who is unmoved by shame has in his possession an almost god like super power.

The liberal collective & their propaganda arm, the msm, hate Trump for this precise reason.
He is shameless & therefore immune to their go-to method of attack.

Trump is the paragon of masculine frame and unshakable will.
He has emboldened the masculine identity of a nation to rally for one last stand in the breach of civilization.

The feminized man shrinks back in fear of being socially ostracized for making any stand that is contrary to liberal ideology.

For too long our church & community leaders have given in to moral degeneracy for the fear of losing their comfortable life.

Stand up Christian Man, and give your life for something other than self-preservation.
We are called to die to ourself. I no longer live but Christ lives in me.
Go one step further & die to social acceptance. F your socially relevant churchianity.

Instead of “literally shaking” with fear in the face of politically correct censure, one must resolve to “literally smirking” if not out right belly laughing, as I imagine God does on a regular basis, at those who would try to shame you into conformity.

The freedom to disagree without harm is a bedrock of Christian civilization.

Inferior ideologies, similar to abusive parents, often resort to violence in order to prevent their adherents from leaving for more attractive ideas.

The practice of killing any member who leaves the ideology is a bedrock of Collectivism

Because assassination is only available to a certain failed presidential candidate, liberal operatives must instead resort to character & reputation savaging in order to quell apostasy in the ranks.

The only way a character & reputation assassination attempt succeeds is when it cuts you off from relationships & resources.

When you are a valuable member of a community, you have both “FU relationships” & “FU resources.”

Few realize this.

This is the true value of 1) Intimacy with God, 2) Marriage & Family, and 3) Church fellowship.

These three relational ecosystems make you untouchable from character & reputation assassination.

Hence why these three relational ecosystems are the primary targets of liberal hatred & destruction.


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