The Simple Gospel


Jesus didn’t loan me out of debt to the law so that I now owe Him. He paid it all.

The following analogy is going to be very uncomfortable, even outright offensive, to the religious spirit we were brought up in:

We often relate to God like a parent who paid a million dollars raising us and now brings it up at every dinner or weekend away to try manipulate/control us.

A loving parent doesn’t keep track of all the things they pay for their child, so that at 18 the parent says to the child “right, you now owe me a million bucks.”

No a parent has a love offering that looks at the child and says “You owe me nothing, all I did was out of love towards you, in fact everything I have I am laying up for you.”

In the same way God does not expect payment from me, which is why He is free from offense toward me.

This brings value to my offering when I VOLUNTARILY give my life to God.

If I owed Jesus an unpayable debt then my offering would be EXPECTED and give God right to be offended when I don’t submit back to him.

Jesus didn’t loan me out of debt to the law so that I now owe Him. He paid it all.

God made me a co-heir with Jesus, seated with Him in heavenly places.
I humbly receive his righteousness, I don’t work for it, that would be self-righteousness.
I humbly receive Jesus-righteousness, I live from it.

God is my Provider and Promoter. I humbly receive his provision and promotion, I don’t work for it, that would be self-dependence and self-promotion.
I humbly receive his 
provision and promotion, my inheritance, and I live from that reality. 

I don’t work or do business to provide and promote myself.
I work or do business to please my Father and reveal Him to others through my gifting and calling.

Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

For where your treasure (Provision and Promotion) is, there will your heart be also.

Don’t worry about all the temporal stuff, but seek first that which your father has made for you to reign over, and His righteousness (again the humility of resisting self-works and humbly receiving in faith) and all these things will be taken care of.

Working FOR provision/promotion is making money your god.
Working FROM God’s provision/promotion is declaring Him your God.

We often feel trapped by the lack of resources to do what we think God is calling us to do.
What would you do if you had great resources and relationships?
That is the place of faith.

Lord I declare Dependence upon you.

Jesus told Peter to find the coin in a fish’s mouth. He told the disciples to cast a net on the other side. The bible does not record them becoming prominent men of wealth after that, rather they became intimate followers of Jesus when they realised that he could take better care of them in one day than they could in their whole life of striving and working. Now they were free from mammon, to follow the one who was their life’s calling.

The provision is to draw you to the Provider. The calling is to draw you to the Caller.

The promotion is to draw you to the Promoter. The healing is to draw you to the Healer.

By humility, dependence upon the Lord, are riches and honor and life.
The blessing of the Lord makes rich and He adds no sorrow with it.

All the things the world chases after with striving and works, are fruits of resting humbly in relationship with Him.

Labour not to be rich; cease from your own understanding. (Prov 22v4?)
Lean not on your own understanding, trust, depend, in the Lord with all your heart.
In all your ways depend on Him and He will direct your paths.


“Tell me about your father?”

Who your dad is, and how he related to you, manifests into your life.

Jesus came to reveal and introduce us to His Father.

Father is not offended by you! He came not to destroy you but to redeem you, to pay for what you owe to the law!! You are free! You are no longer in debt to the law that you could never live up to. Jesus paid it for you!
Cash the cheque by opening the door of your heart to Jesus.

“Jesus I humble myself before you, I can not fulfill the law in my own works, I humbly and joyfully receive your finished work! Thank you for cleansing me from ALL unrighteousness! I open the door of my heart to you. Please introduce me to your Father and your Holy Spirit.”

When we break covenant, God is not offended by us, because we owe Him nothing, but rather He doubles down on His covenant and pursues reconciliation with us!

There is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus!!

My father who sees me in secret will reward me openly.
(Matthew 6v6.)
I humble myself before my father, he exalts me at the proper time (James.)
My father provides for me. I work to glorify my father.
Dad what would bring you the most pleasure/glory?
A WISE son makes his father glad! Prov 10v1. 15v20. 23v15. 29v3
How do I become a wise son?
Dependence upon the Lord is the beginning of wisdom! Prov9v10.

And if you “fear the Lord” (depend upon Him) as your provider, protector, and promoter, then you lose fear of man for those things!

The father of the RIGHTEOUS shall gladly rejoice. Prov 23v24
How do I become a righteous son? By faith in Jesus’ finished work!
Humbly receiving Jesus-righteousness by faith, not self-works, is what pleases God!
I am not working for provision. I am not working for acceptance. I am working to glorify my father!

What would most glorify my father? My father intimately knowing me, and me intimately knowing my father. Me receiving all that he has for me. One of our core desires is to be seen and noticed by our father. God knows my name and face! This is why I am happy to be nameless and faceless to the world.

No one owes me anything, God sees me in secret and rewards me openly.
This frees me from offense (someone not living up to an expectation).

God is my provider, protector, and promoter, therefore I don’t look for that in others, I can ALREADY receive it from my Father right now, by asking one question “God do you see me?”

Also I repent of my own offense toward God, for all the times that I tried to earn his provision, promotion, and protection by my proud works and failed.


Jesus has paid it all. My wife owes me nothing. My parents owe me nothing. My brothers owe me nothing, My pastor owes me nothing. The wealthy people in my life owe me nothing. My friends owe me nothing. Past churches owe me nothing. Past girlfriends owe me nothing. My colleagues owe me nothing. My Rugby boys owe me nothing. South Africa owes me nothing. Former friends who are now marxists owe me nothing. USA owes me nothing. God is my protector, my provider, my promoter.

Owe no man anything but a debt of love.

And the Lord took Scott and put him into the garden to improve it and take care of it.

The garden is the environment that God created for a relationship with him to take place.

A beautiful and excellent place, that would deteriorate without my partnership and His provision, protection, and promotion. We get to partner together and build relationship over a project.

Life is about intimacy with Jesus and our Father in the garden.

Jesus is a good Husband. God is a good Father. The Garden is a good Mission.

He sees you.

He is not offended by you.

He wants to be your Provision, Protection, and Promotion.

Therefore, no one owes me anything, freeing me from offence so I can love them and introduce them to this good husband and father!

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