The War for Five.

Zim turkeys.jpg

There are five institutions that dominate the culture of a community:
Mannerbund. Family. Church. Economy. Governance.

Put into their elements:
Guys. Girls. God. Gold. Guns.

We are at all times involved in & affected by these institutions.
We have the ability to lead & influence these institutions for good or evil.

Think about the handful of guys you grew up with & around.
How did they influence your morality, your bravery, and your vision?
Think about the 3 guys you spend the most time with now.
You are the average of your Mannerbund.

Think about your adverse childhood experience score & how much of your current behavior is shaped by your father or lack thereof.
Choosing a virtuos wife, & faithfully fathering your children could be the biggest bang for our buck when it comes to dominating the culture war.

Think about your past churches.
How much of your worldview on origin, meaning, morality, & destiny was shaped by them?
Or did you have to turn to the likes of Robbins, Molyneux, & Peterson?
How much fellowship & discipleship did you find with fearless men in these churches?
Or did you have to turn to rooshv forum & twitter anons?

Think about your past jobs/ work projects.
How much of your geography, friendships, energy, & time were shaped by your pursuit of money?
How much of your contentment & excitement were shaped by your creation/ involvement/ leadership of projects/ business?
Think on your current reliance on paycheck &/or profit.

Think on the last time your cultural/ civic expectations were violated.
How do we resolve disputes with people outside of our mannerbund/family/ church/business?
How do we deal with people who refuse to respect our property rights?
How do we defend our family from these people?

Politics = Policy + Policing of Policy.

We must commit ourselves to fearlessly applying biblical frameworks to these institutions.
Christian men have for the most part abdicated the leadership of these God ordained institutions to godless men.

This is the culture war.

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