To all the Christians about to be politically correctly offended about the following idea, I remind you that the church and state are two different institutions.

This is not about the church, it is about government.

Ethnicity doesn’t matter to the Spirit, it doesn’t matter in the church, it doesn’t matter in the kingdom of Heaven.

But it surely matters in any multicultural form of government.

In a monoculture nation like Japan, Israel, Malawi, or Poland a citizen can afford to vote according to the policy positions of the differing candidates.

In a multiculti nation like South Africa or the USA, one finds that there are demographic voting blocks according to ethnicity, rather than policy.

This is because different cultures like different lifestyles and are very aware of protecting their in group preferences against offensive lifestyles and policies in close proximity.

German’s want their trains to be on time.
The French train driver would rather sip ersatz and smoke a cigarette than be on time.
Frenchmen and Germans do not co-exist well in close proximity.

Diversity is not a strength when it comes to the democratic process, nor to the principles of economic growth.

Ethnic/Culture based nationalism is the way to peace & prosperity. Global multicultural “diversity-is-our-strength” Marxism is the way to poverty & strife.

Zulu’s should govern Zulu’s. Japs should govern Japs. Israeli’s should govern Israeli’s. Catholics should govern Catholics. Muslims should govern Muslims.

Marxists are super keen on 3rd world migration, they want to introduce race wars into strong Monoculture Nations. Why?

Because strong Monoculture Nations will not be controlled by globalist policy makers. The idea of Babel is offensive to God. The idea of forcing everyone to speak the same, think the same, be the same.

This brings us to the deceitfulness of civic nationalism, the pride and joy of the Boomer generation.

Civic Nationalism is the idea that anyone can move to Japan and become Japanese, as long as they say they are Japanese. (If English missionaries have a child born on Japanese soil, would we not call them crazy for saying their child is Japanese?)

Civic Nationalism is the idea that any country can adopt America’s constitution and get the same results. (Liberia has the exact replica of America’s constitution, yet no one has ever risked their life to escape communism for the “Liberian Dream.”)

America was pioneered, conquered, and settled by British pilgrims & colonists.
It was further developed and influenced by German pilgrims & settlers.

The English as a culture honored adventure, risk taking, and order.
The Germans as a culture honored duty, industry, and order.

It was a great marriage of two Protestant cultures, free from the shackles of European monarchical and clerical control.

These two Protestant cultures, over a period of 200 years, were the root system for the greatest experiment of human liberty since the Garden of Eden.

Alexis de Tocqueville, a French revolutionary traveling through the newly formed United States to collect ideas for the emerging French Republic, observed of American society, “America is the Englishman left to himself.”

Many foreigners liked what these pilgrims, pioneers, settlers, and conquerors built, so they began migrating to this nation for what has now become known as “the American Dream.”

So many people wanted the fruits of this nation’s culture that the founders enacted constitutional boundaries to protect & sustain the roots of Americanism from cultures that they foresaw as perilous to the tree of liberty.

We have been brainwashed by marxists to be ashamed of our heritage, to forget and disconnect from our history, to become globalist tax slaves.

At the root of globalism is the desire to control and destroy Christianity and anything that is beautiful and excellent.
Art, destroyed. Marriage, Destroyed. Family, destroyed. Peace, Destroyed.

No one calls the Japanese racist for not allowing any immigrants into their nation

No one calls the Israeli’s racist for only wanting Jews to hold citizenship.

No one calls the Saudi’s racist for only allowing Muslims to hold citizenship.

However Anglos, Germans, Frenchmen, Poles are racist bigot homophobes for wanting to preserve their culture.

In conclusion, an excerpt from Lance Wallnau:

Proverbs 25:28 “A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls.”

The wall is a symbol of the deterioration of boundaries in our government, borrowing, spending, genders, sexual practices, broadcasting… you name it. It is the loss of self government or self control. The result is the collapse of the worlds most important nation state. The USA.

The wall is a symbol of the root battle in America. We have lost our ability to SELF GOVERN. We are descending into anarchy because the media is in league with a party that gains power through agitating the populous with artificial division, race baiting and class hatred. This all adds up to the accelerated collapse of Western and Christian Civilization. The people that hate President Trump hate you. Make no mistake about it. This is a spiritual battle and the devil wants to plunder the United States and put you on the run.

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