Beating of the War Drums

In light of this media-manufactured crisis, the answer is NOT war with China.

Beware any who start peddling this solution.

The answer is Nationalist Macro-Economics.

Coupled with Agrarian Micro-Economics.

Nationalist Economics:
Bring industry & manufacturing back to your own country.

Employ your own countrymen.

Stop importing replacement labor to compete for wages, housing, & services.

Purchase from your own countrymen.

Stop sending your money out of the country.

Ban predatory usury.

Agrarian Economics:
Grow your own food & energy.

If you can’t, buy from someone local who does.

Offer your own products & services.

Keep your money as close to home as possible.

Contentment beats Consumerism.

It is our lusts & conveniences which enslave us. Avoid debt. Avoid non-local companies.

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