Micro-Nations: A Path to Peace

SA Micro-NationsMicro-nations are more peaceful & prosperous than Empires.

Smaller houses, smaller farms, smaller churches, smaller bank accounts, are better cared for than huge industrial ones.

South Africa is a political empire which has been ruled by three successive regimes of ethno-nationalists.

Sovereignty for each culture would allow them to live in peace with their neighboring cultures rather than fighting them for political power.

I don’t believe that different ethnicities can’t get along in a democracy, I observe it empirically.

I am all for multi-racial friendship & good will.

Do you know how to destroy that?

Make multiple different races fight over who gets to enforce their culture as government policy, & deploy their tribesmen as cadres.

There are few problems when peacefully living & trading next to each other.

There are huge problems when there is a struggle for political power over each other.

We must define the term that is used to shut down this pathway to peace: “racist.”

What is a racist?

“A person who holds institutional power over, + prejudice against, another race.”

By this definition, can we see how multi-racial democracy is always going to disenfranchise the minority race from institutional power?

They are essentially residents, not citizens.

In a multi-racial democracy, voting rights achieve nothing for the minority.
Voting does not get them any institutional power, nor does it protect them from prejudice.

What we have is a racial headcount.

Immigration & birth-rate become political weapons of war to win institutional power from the other races trapped in that Democracy.

The minority’s best hope is to be granted peaceful sovereignty over their own territory, free from the “tyranny of the majority.”

By granting that minority their own sovereignty, their own institutional power, we can eliminate the conditions that create political racism.

Many racists cant stand the thought of a minority majority-nation.

To these bigots, minorities are inherently evil & must be punished & subjugated.

They believe that minorities living alone anywhere, are an intolerable sin against their majority everywhere.

For instance

If there are no non-Afrikaners in Orania for them to be racist against, are they still racist?

They hold institutional power over only their own + can exercise prejudice against only their own.

If Zulu’s did the exact same concept & created a homogenous community, would they be racist for doing that?

Of course not! More institutional power to them!

Racial peace is possible if we will stop forcing different races into democratic fights for institutional power over each other.

2 thoughts on “Micro-Nations: A Path to Peace

  1. Howzit Scott!! Been a while mate. Hope all is well.

    I dig the argument around micro-states/nations. The people in Orania have been onto that idea for some time, and it seems to be working to some extent…early days though.

    There are other people going through with similar ideas at the moment. Check out usaf.org.za., The Cape Party and as a native KZN boytjie I’m sure you know The Zulu King will rule his own nation if it wasn’t for the money government throws at him every year. Same with the Xhosas.

    Problem in SA is that the ANC will never allow it. They literally see it as their God-given right to rule the whole of SA, and have branded themselves as the saviours of all that is SA.

    Dr. Frans Cronje has come up with some insightful scenarios for SA. Check it out here… https://youtu.be/ozbYZuTKHyI . He is a data analyst and collects data and make predictions based on that for a living.

    I hope the situation doesn’t go the civil war direction where you have several ethnic groups fighting. There are many people in SA that think that we are going that way. Check out the Suidlanders organisation. They have a whole Withdrawal plan for their members based on international law. And there’s other too…

    Anyway. Keep well mate, and think of us here in SA. Spread the ideas in your new home-country.

    1. Hey Chris

      Good to hear from you mate!

      Yes, I agree with your assessment of the Zulu Royals. Not many know that they also own a third of KZN’s land area.

      My hope is that the ANC are where the Soviets were in the late 80’s: lots of bluster to control their unhappy nations, but about to crumble.

      Thanks for all your links I will look them up.

      Thanks for the encouragements!

      Bless you and your family

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