Micro-Nations: Part 2

A great question from Twitter:

“I’ve been following your tweets about micro nations in SA with interest. I’m not a South African but it’s a very interesting idea. Given the micro nations would preferably be ethnically cohesive, how do you see the human migration aspect playing out? Wouldn’t millions need to be on the move? Looking at the partition of India/Pakistan, the suddeness of it made it more traumatic.”

My response:

Yes, what to do with ethnic migration is the biggest issue with all political separations.

I have three practical ideas that I would implement.

1) let people stay where they are, they would be considered residents not citizens.

They would have property & legal rights, but not suffrage.

This is already the case for the White, Indian, & Coloured minorities in South Africa’s multi-racial democracy.

It would also be a moot point in KwaZulu, Lesotho, & Eswatini as they are monarchies.

2) it is normal for people to move for economic reasons.

So it just has to be economically beneficial, both ways, and people will happily move.

For Africans living in rural areas, title deeds would be issued for the land they have lived on for generations (currently, vast rural areas are owned by chieftains).

This act alone will create enormous wealth as we live on some of the most valuable & attractive land in the world.

3) the state bank (not a global, usurious bank) buys these residents’ properties from them in order to compensate their moving, and then sells these properties back to citizens to pay back the interest free loan over 30 years.

Homogenous societies tend to law & order, so land values would rise all round, offsetting the initial cost of buying them.

Interest free banking is a whole topic on its own with regards to state-craft.

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