Sexual Market Value in the Church

There are tons of 30+yr old Christian girls who are single.

They were never taught that the highest success in life is to marry, have many children, & raise them to love the Lord.

Girls fill the container they are put in.

Send them to college, & they become college girls.

Send them to work, & they become career women.

And girls are literally “sent.”

Father’s give direction to daughters.
If they are absent, the culture gives direction.

The majority of pastors/fathers/husbands are afraid to set limits on the women in their lives, & so their women end up conforming to the popular culture instead.

Biblical culture keeps girls home (safe from ravaging men), where she learns to be a homemaker & helpmeet to her father, preparing her for her husband’s home to be a homemaker & helpmeet to him & his mission. Contentment is the primary emotion.

The popular culture sends girls to be ravaged (sexually, theologically, & financially) at college & then to be wasted at the workplace working tirelessly & obediently for other men who will never love them. Resentment is the primary emotion.

They are conformed to the culture of college & building a career, ignorant of what men want in a partner.

Christian Men want to marry
4)who love the Lord

The fewer of these values you have, the less valuable a man you will attract.

However there is not a single woman who wants to be married that wouldn’t have a man wanting to marry her.

She just thinks that because she has a college degree, that that man is going to be tall dark & handsome.

He’s more likely going to be the national average.

The 20/80 rule applies heavily to sexual market value.

80% of women think they are going to end up with the top 20% of men.

Statistically impossible.

Pastors & older women need to start popping the SMV ignorance bubble of single Christian girls.

Ignore & avoid the “top 20” guys & you will likely notice that the other 80 are pursuing you.

Single girls over 30, move to a smaller church, out of the city.

By staying in the city/mega church you are competing in the huge pool of ever arriving pretty young virgins who love the Lord.

In a town/church where you are in a small pool of girls, your SMV is comparatively higher.

Now the pool of Men will be less valuable than you would like in the city.

But that is the reason you are still single: holding out for the top 20 man while rejecting the bottom 80 men who have pursued you.

Also, avoid singles meetups.
They are like tinder, giving the top20 guys the pick of the top20 girls.

Instead, ask pastors & married friends to match make you.

They will have a much more honest assessment of your SMV.

And when they do match make you, do not sleep with the man.

If you want him to marry you, do not sleep with him until your wedding night.


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