King Energy

Proverbs 19v10 unpacking some King energy on us:

“Luxury is not fitting for a fool…”

Starting the proverb out on this foundation is very important.

It sets up a metaphorical comparison for the next line.

Luxury is a reward, a fruit of Wisdom.

Fools can enjoy Luxury, but they cannot create & sustain Luxury.

Homeless men aren’t homeless because they don’t have a house.

They are homeless because they can’t create & sustain a home.

Who the Fool is, is incompatible with Luxury.

Now that we see the metaphor we can apply it to the next part:

“Much less for a servant to rule over princes.”

A servant can enjoy ruling over princes, but he cannot create or sustain a principality.

A lot of our church & political leaders are servants to debt, sin, & fear.

Who the servant is, is incompatible with rulership.

The psyop of “servant leadership” has framed Kingly Rulership as bad, immoral, & scary.

We have chased our kings out of the churches & town halls, & replaced them with impotent servants.

Business is the last institution where kings can extend dominion without being subordinate to a board of karens.

We are, most of us, in desperate search of a good king to serve.

We need our kings to return to church & political leadership & start ruling over servants if we ever want to create & sustain culturally dominant institutions.

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