Nationalism is an Agreement between Men to Stop Meddling in each other’s affairs

“Hey Scott, question for you, it’s something that I struggle with.

How do you balance your faith and your nationalism?”

I look at it the same way I balance my faith & my marriage.

Nationalism does not mean hating other nations, just like being married doesn’t mean hating other women.

It just means that I focus my authority & responsibilities on my wife, my family, & my neighbors.

Other women have their own husbands who should take care of them.

Likewise other nations have their own fathers, neighbors, & leaders who should take care of them, without my meddling.

Nationalism is an agreement between men to respect each other by not meddling with each other’s wife, family & neighborhood.

Here’s the interview with Wilem Petzer where we discussed this:

4 thoughts on “Nationalism is an Agreement between Men to Stop Meddling in each other’s affairs

  1. Lots of clear understanding about the problem. I have suspected for a while that the ANC is purposefully trying to wreck the RSA economy. There can be no other clear explanation. Thanks for helping to make it known. Now what is the solution? What is the way forward? Now that we know, what do we do?

    1. Thank you.

      1) Copy the in-group preference strategies of the Indians & Jews.
      Stop identifying as South African, you have no Authority there, so why take on the responsibilities.
      You have full Authority over your own nation, so pour your responsibilities into your own people & place.
      Start concentrating our communities: Move to your Nation’s areas/Invite settlers to your area.
      “No poor Jew.” Start looking after the many poor people of YOUR nation. Get them back on their feet.

      2) We must become Strong Men
      Get out of debt. Debt free men are uncontrollable.
      Start owning our local economic chain. Don’t work for, or hire, people who are not your people.
      Marry & have many children, have one more than you are comfortable with. The future belongs to whoever shows up.
      Buy Land in your community. Ownership increases Authority & Belonging.
      Speak out & say NO to anti-white hatred. Say NO to abusers who hate your people. Exclude them from your community, property, & life.
      Reach out to other Strong Men & encourage them. Its a long game. We are going to win if we keep showing up.

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