Solutions for those who Stay

Zim road

1) Copy the in-group preference strategies of the Indians & Jews.
Stop identifying as South African.
You have no Authority here, so why take on the responsibilities?

You have full Authority over your own life, family, & property.
So pour your responsibilities into your own people & place.

Take ownership of your local economic chain.
Where possible, work for, or hire, or buy from, people who are your Tribe.
Keep your money in your community.

Set up our own sovereign infrastructure & institutions within our gated communities.
Make 99% of life doable within the walls.
Kruger Park style Access Control & Perimeter Security.
Security Company must be community owned & operated to prevent private security company protection-racket tricks.

How big must a nation be before its people consider themselves legitimate & worthy of living in peace?

There are 75 countries who have a population under 5 million people.

Lichtenstein, San Marino, & Monaco each have around 40 thousand citizens.
Iceland has around 300 thousand citizens.
Rhodesia had 300 thousand citizens at UDI.
Eswatini has 1 million subjects.
Lesotho has 2 million subjects.
Botswana & Namibia each have around 2.5 million citizens.

The White Tribe in South Africa is somewhere between 4 & 5 million people.
Our diaspora is probably another million people.

We are a distinct Nation!

Start seeing your life as a meaningful part of the history & significance of your people & place.

2) Start concentrating our communities.

Move to your Nation’s areas/Invite settlers to your area.
Buy Land in your community. Ownership increases Authority & Belonging.

Adopt the “No poor Jew” mentality.
Start looking after the many poor people of YOUR nation.
We are about to see 100,000-500,000 white economic refugees from this lockdown looking to get out of SA to start life again somewhere more politically secure.
For the majority of them emigration is impossible.
Their best bet is to move to a homogenous rural community.
Offer them new beginnings in your community.
Get them back on their feet, & strengthen your community’s future.


3) We must become Strong Men
Get out of debt. Debt free men are uncontrollable.

Connect to your History & Mythology.
Marxism severs us from our heritage roots & discourages family & children.
Stoke a love for your people through reading their biographies.

Marry & have many children, have one more than you are comfortable with.
The future belongs to whoever shows up. This is a long game.

Speak out & say NO to anti-white hatred.
Say NO to abusers who hate you & your people.
Deny them access to your life, family, & property.

Develop Plans for a miracle opportunity. We don’t know how the future plays out.

Reach out to other Strong Men & encourage them.
This is a long game.
We are going to win the peace we desire, if we keep showing up with a smile on our face & hope in our heart.

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