How to Shift the Overton Window


If asking blacks for repentance & reparations is an absurd or shocking idea to you, what you are feeling is how absurd & shocking it should be for them to do that to you.

This is how the Overton Window is shifted.

An extreme position or demand is put forward.
If  you remain silent or start justifying why the demand is absurd, they win.
The window has shifted.

The only way to fight the shifting of the Window is to push back with a reciprocal counter offer, to hit straight back with a reciprocal demand.

“Oh you want reparations? I want repatriations.”

“Oh you want universal health care? I want universal gun ownership, paid for by the state.”

“Oh you want student debt forgiveness? I want women aged 16 to 36 banned from the workforce.”

People will squirm & blush & call you names.
But the window settles to the median of the two demands.
Or doesn’t move at all because they see that you don’t consent to their radical demands.

In “The Art of the Deal,” Donald says to always make offers/demands that make YOU uncomfortable, & then negotiate back from there.

When I bought my piece of land, the price listed was $37k.
A principled conservative would say “Ok, here is $38K, I hope you like me.”

It made me super uncomfortable, but I offered $30k.
The guy counter offered with $32k. Deal made.
The Overton Window shifted from $37k to $32k.

When I went for my first American job interview, they asked me what I wanted to make, I said $50k.
At the time this made me hugely uncomfortable.
They laughed & offered me $30K. I said no thanks & left the meeting.
An hour later they called to offer me $38k.
I was too scared to counter for $45k, I took the offer as I was desperate for work.
The Overton Window settled between my $50k & their $30k demand.

I was too scared to keep pushing.
See how this works? It is our fear that stops us from pushing.

You have to get this, chaps.

Reciprocity is King energy.
If they come at you with a sensible demand, you reciprocate & meet them with a sensible counter offer.

Our enemy has lost all respect for us.
They have routinely come at us with radical demands.
Our principled conservative leaders & pastors have routinely consented & justified for fear of making counter offers that would hurt people’s feelings.

And so we have lurched thoroughly to the left.

When they demanded State-celebration of Sexual Deviancy, the counter offer should have been a page out of Sharia Law on the subject. But Scott, this is unthinkable!
Yes, and so is state-mandated celebration of sexual degeneracy.

Politics is war by negotiation. Our Representatives are our negotiators.
2016 Donald was making very uncomfortable counter-offers to the enemies of America.
Conservative Americans liked that. So they voted him in.

2020 Tucker is making very uncomfortable demands to the enemies of America.
Conservative Americans like this.

Liberal Americans are not enjoying The Donald, and so they have resorted to escalating their radical demands by way of violence & rioting.

We are still waiting see what the counter offer will be.

The only way to reestablish respectful negotiation with people who have abused you is to escalate to an extreme or unthinkable counter offer.

This resets their manner of dealing with you.
When they return to sensible demands, we can reciprocate with sensible counter offers again.

Reciprocity is everything in this Culture War.

Stop complaining about evil.
That is what women do, to get men to do something about it.

Stop justifying yourself to your accusers.
That is what principled conservatives do, to avoid fighting.

Start reciprocating.
That is what Kings do.

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