Family is a Weapon

Marriage & Children must become the focus of any church or organization that wants to change culture. 

#Metoo & #BLM are both fruits of the glorification & promotion of husbandlessness & fatherlessness in their group hierarchies (Hollywood & Rap).

How do you change culture in a group?
Make married men the qualification for leadership.
Stop promoting single men & women into positions of authority.
Those in Authority normalize their behavior onto the rest of the hierarchy.

Single girls in leadership? New normal.
Divorced men in leadership? New normal.
Only married men in leadership? TrIgGeRrEd!!

Just kidding, it’ll become the new normal.
It was actually the old normal: 1 Timothy 2 & 3.


Too legit to quit, Paul laying down some smack for young buck Timothy who, allegedly, kept elevating blonde girls to leadership for some sweet social cred & cheap ministry staffers.

This way men are incentivized to marry to increase their status in the group hierarchy.

Women are incentivized to marry as being a boss babe is no longer a strategy for status & power in this hierarchy.
And the men of this group will be of higher status than groups who elevate women into status above the men.

Also the high status men, & their wives, will be protected from sexual sin by not being forced to have young single girls work alongside them for 10 hours a day.

Marriage & children are the supreme strategy for status & power for any woman in any hierarchy.
A son would do almost anything out of duty to his mother.
Imagine raising 5 Absolut Kings. Unlimited power.

A career woman is a slave to men who do not love her, & outsources the raising of her children to other women, to prioritize her pursuit of status & power.
Her husband & sons will treat her with the same lack of duty with which she treated them.

Men want to marry:
4)Who love the Lord

University, Career, & Authority directly affronts all 4 of those values.

Going to university occupies a woman’s most fertile years with damaging ideologies, drunken sex, & lifelong debt, from which she will never recover her lost smv potential.

Being a Boss babe, or being promoted to Authority in a hierarchy, shrinks the pool of men that she is willing to be pursued by.
A PhD woman will refuse a tradesman’s advances.
A pastor woman will refuse a layman’s advances.
An executive woman will refuse an employee’s advances.

TL;DR To change culture: glorify & promote husbands + fathers in your hierarchies.

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