Dating Super Thread

I wish someone had told me this as a young man, it would have saved me a lot of time & money.

How to vet for & marry a high quality girl.
1. No sex before marriage.
2. On the 3months mark: Break up or propose.
3. Ask your respected, married mutuals to match make you.

This lends years of trust & credibility right into the beginning of the relationship.
And as long as you don’t have sex, & don’t draw things out longer than 3months, then there will be no awkwardness for your mutuals if things don’t work out.

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 13.21.11

“Thrashing out the details” is the principal work of dating.

Work expands as to fill the time allotted for it. – Parkinson’s law.

Set yourself a deadline of 3 months and get to work!

Figure out your Masculine Role to the world:

Kings like to Govern ppl & value.
Bravos like to Gather & Ground ppl.
Deltas like to Grow & Guard value.
Sigmas like to Guide & Goad ppl.

Heres my video on the Masculine Hierarchy & its roles.

Figuring out our Masculine Role will do 2 things:
1. It will let you focus on building status at the things God designed you to do.
You’ll have more momentum in life playing to the strengths of your role, & therefore access to higher sexual-market-value (smv) women…

And 2. It will help you filter for which feminine archetypes best suit your Masculine Role:
The Important Helpmeet.
The Popular Helpmeet.
The Busy Helpmeet.
The Resilient Helpmeet.

The King will want to marry the Important Helpmeet.
He’s going to be supremely busy, so he needs a woman who is comfortable with the burden of rule: Optics, Power Politics, Loyalty, Criticism & Pressure, Guarding his Honor.

The Bravo will want to marry the Popular Helpmeet.
He’s going to be the popular guy with big ideas, lots of highs & lows, so he needs a woman who’s comfortable with going on the rollercoaster with him, hosting all his friends, enjoying a very social life, being positive when he is down.

The Delta will want to marry the Busy Helpmeet.
He’s going to be the steady guy who goes about his work with duty & mastery, so he needs a woman who will value the security he provides, be competent with his money & household, & take initiative for her own time & duties while her husband is working.

The Sigma will want to marry the Resilient Helpmeet.
He’s going to be the solitary guy with brave ideas, lots of highs & lows, so he needs a woman who will ride or die with him, not wavered by ridicule or rejection from polite society, enjoys a nonconformist life, is positive when he is down.

My wife & I match archetypes, which makes things easy.
But any archetype mismatched marriages can still work through biblical masculine submission to Christ & feminine submission to husband, it will just take more time & humility to understand each other.

Serving women is not a man’s life purpose.

It’s ok to say no to women.

You don’t need a girl.
You need a mission.

Thankfully I stumbled across the manosphere before I met my wife.
If I were still a blue pill beta, she’d be forced into the masculine role, I’d be her helpmeet & we’d end up resenting each other.

Then some seminary midwit would be telling me to submit to my wife to save the marriage.

No amount of archetype matching can make up for a feminized man.

2 thoughts on “Dating Super Thread

  1. This is brilliant Scott! You should consider turning this information into a talk / conference for teenagers / young men…

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