Department Of Winning

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“Are ya winning, son?”

Men were created to win. We need goal posts, team mates, coaches, and a scoreboard.

The Christian West is losing. Western Christian Men are losing.

But the game is not over yet. There is another game plan…

The Department of Winning is a practical game plan for Western Christian Men, encouraging us to go hard for the win.

How do we win?

1) Escape Debt + Wage Slavery into Wealth + Purpose Work.

2) Accumulate + Beautify Land to find Meaning + Belonging among your People + Place.

3) Rebuild + Reclaim Local Institutions for Cultural Sovereignty.

Escaping Debt Slavery
Debt-free men are uncontrollable.
“Lay aside every weight that hinders you…” – Hebrews 12v1. Debt is not a sin, but it is a weight.
“Debt is the #1 obstacle to wealth building.” – Dave Ramsey
Wide spread use of debt inflates housing & other product pricing.
“The rich rule over the poor, & the borrower is slave to the lender.” – Proverbs 22v7
If you love money/debt more than family, you will send your wife to work, & your kids to be raised by Caesar.

> Immerse daily in Dave Ramsey’s podcasts/youtube/books.
> Take on No New Debt.
> Keep an Income & Expense Tracker (My wife & I use a shared google sheet).
> Pay the minimum payment on all your debts.
> Stash a $1000 Emergency Fund.
> Make a Vindictive Will & buy Life Insurance.
> Get intense on repaying one debt at a time, smallest to largest.
> Sell/downsize/simplify your luxuries & liabilities.
> Once debt free, Stash up 3-6m Emergency Fund (enough $ to live on for 3-6months).

Escaping Wage Slavery into Wealth + Purpose Work
The devil wants you & your purpose… dead
My vid on Economic Class Mobility
Bob Proctor’s free pdf Born Rich

> Developing a Million$ High Energy Vision
If you had $100mil what would you Be/Do/Have?
Do this exercise weekly to break out of your slave mindset.
God doesn’t give you a vision to match your budget. He gives you a vision to match your faith.
What are things I can already start doing toward the things on this list?
> Pursuing Meaningful & Purposeful Work
What are your top 3 talents? top 3 passions? top 3 groups of people?
Sell your Talents & Passions to these People Groups (focus on products & services, rather than selling your time).
>Developing 20/80 Health Habits
What are the 20% of habits that will bring me 80% of the results when it comes to Nutrition/ Conditioning/ Regeneration?

Accumulating Land
Wendell Berry. Localism. Belonging to your People & Place.
JShutts. Spiritual Authority by Earthly Ownership. Propertarianism.
Aristocratic Noblesse Oblige.
Kiyosaki. Land as wealth. Inflation dynamics. Generational Inheritance.

> Move to YOUR people & place. Get out of the modern commercial squalor cities & move to a homogenous rural area.
> Look for “Dirty Smelly” properties &/or motivated sellers.
> Make Below Market Value offers based on what you would be willing to take that property for. Trump says make offers that make you feel uncomfortable.
Kiyosaki’s ratio is 100 offers, 5 will accept.
> Don’t despise mere beginnings. The tiny house guys have affordable ideas to get on your land.

Beautifying Land
It is the responsibility of a man to live somewhere beautiful.
And if he cannot afford a beautiful place, to make a poor place beautiful through his labor.
Contributing to your People & Place.
Wrath of Gnon. Traditionalism. Agrarianism.
Beauty increases value & attracts care.

> No junk. Clean your property. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.
> Permaculture 101
> Traditional Architecture 101

Rebuilding Local Institutions
Our vid on Localism vs Globalism.
Our vid on Home Economy.

These are the institutions we have personal control over.

> Marry a virtuous woman & enjoy your marriage
> Move to your People & Place
> Steward your Home Economy
> Arm yourself
> Engage local church & events
> Make friends of your neighbors
> Organize a Local Bank
> Offer your valuable services & products to the local economy

Reclaiming Local Institutions

In a democracy the tools of war are Media, Academia, & Government bureaucracy.

These are the institutions we have to fight others for control over.

> Increase your Status in your Honor Hierarchy (video).
> Push the Local Economy
> Influence Local Media/ Arts/ Education Narrative
> Run for Local Governance

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