Survival Economy


The media is trying to shift you from slavery life down to survival life to depend on government for your health & safety.
They don’t want you living to significance.

4HL: spend 50hrs/wk to make $1000 once off.
12HL: spend 50hrs once off, to make $1000 per week.
Could I spend 50hrs working on my own product/service projects, rather than selling my time & presence 50hrs/wk to someone else’s project?

We need to learn to sell our products & services, not our time & presence. A contractor is more free than a shift worker. He controls his own time & presence.

If you sell a service that you like doing, & that you are good at, you will enter the flow that God meant for us when He put Adam in the garden to WORK it. We like work when we are not working slave jobs. We like the ppl we work with & for when we are not working slave jobs.

A slave job is one where your time & presence are CONTROLLED by anyone other than yourself. Want to go somewhere? Beg Massah for permission.

We have to learn how to live into the 12HL. This means doing projects & adventures that are significant & meaningful to us, with high risks of failure or rejection.

How do we escape the 4HL of debt+wage slavery? Keep cost of living minimal. Avoid debt+comfort. Do not sell your time & presence. Pursue Pay-off work where you get paid for a transaction: product sales, services, trades, property, events, inventions, info, recreation, commodities…

What work/service would I pay to do, because I love it so much? Freaking pursue that! “But there’s no market for that.” Not with that attitude. Go for it mate, step out in faith!

The question “what would you do with $millions?” enables us to think outside the lack-of-Time-&-Money box. Lack of time & money are a slave’s excuse to not risk a chance at failure & rejection. Regularly write out all the things you would be, do, & have with great wealth.

At first all we can think of is luxuries & comfort purchases. This is normal for a slave. That’s why you write even the stupid, meaningless stuff down, cos eventually you get to the end of your luxuries list & you can now focus on your purpose.

Study all the projects & adventures that excite you on that list. Don’t worry about not having the $ to do them. Don’t pray for $. Pray for Wisdom.

4HL debt+wage slavery is a form of loving money because you base your life decisions on time+$ scarcity. What would you do if you were confident that God would protect, promote, & provide for you?

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