The Gospel of Grievance

Grievance is the core ideology of Satan.
He tricked Eve into having grievance against God.

There is nothing new under the sun:
Racial grievance
Gender grievance
Class grievance

All 3 grievances are a failure to understand the Goodness of our Father, and the Good News of Jesus Christ our Deliverer.

The only way to satisfy a grievance is with bloodshed, which then creates a counter-grievance.
Romans 8 explains how Jesus shed his own blood to end Grievance Ideology once and for all.

This is why Galatians 3 can go on to explain how through Jesus’ blood sacrifice “there is neither Jew nor Greek (racial grievance), neither male nor female (gender grievance), neither slave nor free (class grievance).”

However this is only for those who partake IN Christ Jesus’ blood sacrifice.

Those who reject Christ’s atonement are UNDER the law of sowing & reaping, sin & death, poverty & sickness, and we must expect of them to operate from a Grievance Ideology/Mindset.

This is where “dove” Christians & Churches get decieved.
They get super offended at any “serpent” Christians who understand & treat heathens by the law of sowing & reaping, rather than grace & blessing.

However, when you invite or tolerate Grievance Ideology into your church/faith, you make the blood of Jesus of no effect.

Grievance must be defended against at all costs.
It will remove you from God’s grace & blessing.

But Scott, you’re a Patriarchal, Aristocratic, Ethno-Nationalist!?


That is God’s pattern for governing unrepentant politics, women, & economy.

Until every citizen of a nation repents and swears fealty to Christ, there can be no treating civic sin with Christian grace.
This is why we are commanded to not sue our Christian brothers. We are in a higher government. But with non-Christians we are told to not be unevenly yolked.

This is how we ended up with Weimerica and South Africa, we stopped prosecuting unbelievers to the civic law, and we began suing believers to the civic law!

A lot of Christians struggle with discerning which realm of law they are dealing with: IN Christ, or UNDER Grievance?

When an accusation of race, sex or class grievance is made, you must discern what realm the accuser is operating from, because then you will know which law to apply.

There are 2 legal realms: IN Christ, or UNDER Grievance.

Each has its own laws. If the accuser is a Christian, you are to rebuke him for his sin of Grievance (envy, bitterness, unforgiveness, victimhood).

If you don’t forgive those who sin against you, how can God forgive you?

God is a vindictive God. He will repay you IF you bring your grievances to Him, not man. We would do well to seek God as our Provider, Protecter, & Promoter. He sees us in secret, & rewards us openly.

If the accuser is not a Christian, you are now dealing with Natural, Civic Law. Paul turns to the centurion & says “as a Roman citizen…”

You cannot apply Church Discipline to an unrepentant non-Christian.
There are civic laws for the redress of grievances. Master & Apply them.

This is where our accusers have beaten us in both realms:
Non-Christian accusers prevent us from applying civic law by appealing to Christian grace & morality, but will never abide by it themselves.
Christian accusers avoid church discipline by appealing to civic rights & laws.

You have to know & USE the laws of your country with the wisdom of a serpent, against those who play Christians in a realm shell-game.

Pin them to their realm, & then apply the appropriate laws for the redress of grievances.

2 thoughts on “The Gospel of Grievance

  1. Makes sense, but what does this have to do with being an “ethno-nationalist”? Can’t you apply this without focusing on ethnic identitatianism? Many people of other ethnicities want to put grievances aside and be at peace. Why remain an ethno-nationalist?

    1. Hi AJ

      I am not a “White-Nationalist.” I am an Ethno-Nationalist.
      I pray for nationhood for EVERY tribe and tongue, which is God’s will.

      The programming is that by desiring ethnic sovereignty, Whites thereby want to control and abuse people of color.
      This is a deception, that a people group is EVIL for preferring their own culture.

      By preferring my wife, it does not mean that I hate other women.
      In fact I want other women to get married and have great marriages, just not to me, and not in my house.

      I want other ethnicities & cultures to have Political Power (Sovereignty), just not over me, and not in my country.

      Only Whites are demonized for this Godly desire to live in peace among their own cultures.
      No one faults Africans, Asians, and Arabs for allowing only their own people to hold political power within their Ethno-Nations.

      Ethnic Political Sovereignty actually leads to peace: “this is the culture, honor it or we kick you out.”
      Indians do Indian Culture over here, and sort out their Indian problems, in an Indian way.
      Everyone else leave them alone, stop meddling in their Indian-ness.

      Whereas Multiculturalism is based on the ability to get people to feel aggrieved by forcing diverse ethnicities and cultures into homogenous democracies to ignite power struggles over each other, thereby consolidating that power into as few controllable governments as possible, ie “Empire.”
      “How dare you be Indian! You must do it Pakistani-ly.” They separated for a reason: the desire to live in peace.

      Imagine me moving to Japan, Israel, India, or Swaziland, and then blaming them for my hardships because they won’t cater to my way of doing things. Absurd. But this is how Multicultural “Diversity is our strength” has taught us to think.

      Great question, thanks mate.

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