History is Repeating

“We must depopulate!”

“We want to save your lives!”

Which one is it?

Charitable Foundations are instrumental in keeping Africa in chaos.
Name a single functioning state on the continent.

Mass unemployment & abject poverty, tribal & political violence & lawlessness, net importation of food (starvation economies) & a stimulated population boom into those conditions.

Africa has been set up for a humanitarian collapse by the UN & their Charitable Do-Gooders whose chief solution will be the emigration of a billion Africans to the West in the name of “compassion.”

The equivalent of 5 Marshall Plans worth of foreign aid has been poured into Africa.
Foreign Aid taxes the poor & middle class of the West, to prop up the wealthy & elite of Africa.

And in the midst of all of this China has been implementing their cunning neo-colonial “Belt & Road” initiative.
There may be upwards of 300million Chinese colonists in Africa by 2050, who will own & operate all the logistics infrastructure, mining rights, & agricultural land in exchange for the forgiveness of national debts which are owed them.
They will install their own colonial police force to enforce law & order upon Africa.

It’s fascinating how History Repeats…

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