8 Ways | 2 Works

1.Visionary – Purpose | Mission | Frame

2.Strategist – Context | Direction | Design

3.Developer – Promotion | Implementation | Recruitment

4.Diplomat – Narrative | Community | Edification

5.Artist – Attraction | Aesthetics | Atmosphere

6.Administrator – Responsibility | Routine | Control

7.Specialist – Skill | Focus | Mastery

8.Laborer – Time | Energy | Presence



Navigating the dynamics of two separate works.
Work that you GET to do. Work that you HAVE to do.

Your flow work is the work that energizes you, so much so that not only would you do it for free, but you would pay to do it!

Your income work is the work that you have to be paid for before you’ll to do it.

The question we all long to be answered: Lord how do I make my flow work my income work?