About Me

To give authenticity to what I write I will tell you about me, and to debase any sense of self importance along the way, I urge you to think of me as a fellow traveller trying to figure out this world in which we so temporarily journey toward the eternal.

I have not got everything sorted out. I struggle against doubt and pride and fear.

My name is Scott.

I grew up in South Africa, married my beautiful American girl, and we are figuring out how to live between the two continents, and how to best fulfill God’s call on our lives amidst all the trivial expectations and admin of day to day life.

My heart is to reconcile men to God, equipping and commissioning them to take creative responsibility for their personal life, family, and immediate environment.

These men will reform their churches, cities, and cultures.



Have you ever questioned, really, deeply questioned your existence?

Have you ever wondered about your life’s purpose, and who you were truly created to be?

I invite you to join in on my journey – questioning, seeking, and knocking – to find life, and life in abundance.


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