What we believe


  1. Everything flows from the Source, to find the cause of any problem, and its solution, look upstream. (God > Man > Family > Church > Business > Government > City > Civilization.)
  2. God created Man in his image and likeness to work the garden, be fruitful and multiply, and take dominion over the earth, with his helpmeet Woman. (Gen 1.
  3. Man abdicated his leadership to Woman, who in turn abdicated to satan, separating us from intimacy with God, and subjecting us to sin and death. (Gen
  4. Man, separated from God, exploits everything downstream to serve himself as God. (
  5. God so loved the world that He sent His only son, Jesus, to save us from sin and death, and reconcile us to His Father. (
  6. Jesus, as the second Adam, restored us to the Genesis narrative (see #2). (
  7. We now have the privilege (power + responsibility) of leading everything downstream from us into relationship and alignment with our Father God (I do only what I see my Father doing. On earth as it is in heaven.)
  8. God’s Holy Spirit is living and active to help us and empower us to live in the image and likeness of God. (
  9. The Bible deals with the questions of origin, meaning, morality, and destiny, explaining the spiritual, moral, and natural laws that facilitate life, holding wisdom that is applicable to our daily decisions. (



  1. God has made each of us with a unique identity, gifting, and calling (IGC) with which to represent His image on this earth. (
  2. Your IGC includes your personality archetypes, your redemptive gift, your organizational gift, your natural affinities, aptitudes, and skills and then most importantly the desires of your heart. (



1Cor11 1Peter3v7








Local Government







Sonship accesses Inheritance. > Kingship leaves Legacy.

Destined to Reign: Salvation & Infilling. > Fruitfulness & Multiplication.

No one owes me anything. > Stewardship

Humility & Honesty. > Fearlessness & Integrity.

Rest. Be. > Faith. Do.

MBTI Functions. > StrengthsFinder, StandOut, Organizational Roles.
Fi. Ti. Ni. Si. > Fe. Te. Ne. Se.

Redemptive Gifts. > Five Fold Gifts.

God sees me in Secret. > God rewards me Publicly.

Artists’ Way. > Still Win Big.
Superior Man. > 4HWW.
Unlimited Power. > Rich Dad Poor Dad.
Best Life Now. > Born Rich.

Origin & Meaning. > Morality. Destiny.

Powerful Beliefs. > Powerful Communications.

Gratitude. > Desire.

Who am I? > What must I do?

Security. > Risk.

Values. > Vision.



The qualifications of a king are Fearlessness & Integrity.

Be integrous to your Identity.

Be fearless in your Purpose.

Embracing pain to obtain your birthright.

Living on the edge.

Climbing the mountain.

Mountains in scripture.

Far over the misty mountains old theme song.

Samwise to Frodo’s.


The mountain of encountering God.

The mountain of self definition.

The mountain of family.

The mountain of purpose/mission.

Choosing which mountain to die on…

People don’t follow a title.

They follow Fearlessness & Integrity.

The love of God drives out all fear.

When you know that God sees you in secret and rewards you openly; when you know that God wants to be your Provider, your Protector, and your Promoter, it is then that you can then live more fearlessly.