In a chaotic state, amidst the loss of all meaning, where people no longer know what to believe, we hold onto a set of certainties to direct our life by.

The daily/weekly CORE: 

Speak the truth, in love, towards repentance.
Pray into a Journal daily.
Read 4 chapters of Directive daily.
Listen to a Directive vid/pod daily.
Lift heavy weights to failure 3x weekly.
Invite Masculine Fellowship 2x weekly.
Return to Creation weekly.

The Directive Long Game which you can slowly work through:

Reconciling with God
Why & How reconcile with God
Infilling of the Holy Spirit
Memorizing scripture – anderson link
Creation Solitude
Gratitude & Praise
Destined to Reign book – amazon link
God sees me in Secret Mat 6
No one owes me anything
Wommack Podcast – link
Rest Identity & Faith Action
Who is your Father?
Grace and Faith.
Humility & Honesty. Tell the truth. Molyneux. Peterson.
Fearlessness and Integrity.
Praying into a Journal. read the artists way book.
Avoiding noise.

Clarifying Identity
Peterson videos – yt link
ArtistsWay – amazon link
MBTI – 16personalities link
Redemptive Gifts
Values Elicitation

Outworking Purpose
Vision/Mission Board & Schedule
Lift Heavy Weights to failure
Floss & Peroxide
Morning Smoothie
Daily Cashflow Board
8 Hours Hyperbaric Sleep
Deep Breathing
Five Fold Gifts
Eight Ways to Work
Strengths Finder and Stand Out
Gorilla Mindset
Still Win Big
Getting Stuff Done
Rich Dad Poor Dad
Four Hour Work Week
Born Rich

Aligning with Physiological Principles
Nutrition. Filtered water. Juicing/smoothies.
Regeneration. Wommack. Breathe deeply. Chiropractic. Posture.
Survival. Becoming dangerous.
Appendices and Props.

Aligning with Psychological Principles.
Vision. Direction. Frame. Values Elicitation.
Masculine/Feminine. Read Way of the superior man book.
Personality Archetypes.

Aligning with Economic Principles.
Debt freedom. Ramsey protocol.
GTD protocol.
Open your crypto bank account

Creation vs competition/consumption.
Spirit of Excellence. Wommack
Clean and order your property. Peterson.
Stewardship of God’s resources.
Time & Energy.


Communicating Powerfully
Molyneux videos
Reading with your wife
Way of the Superior Man
Keep Your Love On
Real Time Relationships
Unlimited Power

Becoming a Powerful Person
Directive frame.

Marrying a Virtuous Wife
Gender roles blog. Masculine/Feminine theory.
Venerate the housewife.
Why marriage.

Raising Faithful Children
Provide for your stay at home wife to homeschool your children.
Bring your wife & children home.

Cultivating Covenant Family & Friendships


Discipling Culture
Against The Night
Biblical Principles for Africa (which now applies to America).
Church Community
Discipleship 3/12

Serving a local church.
Joining/starting a Discipleship group. 3/12

Spirit of ’76 book.
The Light and the Glory book.
Wall builders resources.
Democracy the God that failed. Hans Herman Hoppe.
Prepping. Survivial blog. Free state project. New Monasticism.