Prime Directive

Proclaim the Kingdom.

Initiate Men.

Build Families.

Plant Churches.


The Context
Men were created by God to bear His image and likeness.
We were designed to shoulder the responsibility and leadership of Family, Church, Business, and Government out of intimacy with Him.

The enemy is staging a coup, unplugging men from their Heavenly Father, and distorting their intended design for leadership.

We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

The basic ideological divide
Jesus Christ vs Humanism.
Personal Responsibility vs Incentivized Victimhood.
Complimentary Masculine & Feminine Roles vs Feminism & Emasculation.
Property Rights & Freedom of Association vs Political Correctness & Thought Crime.
Fearlessness & Integrity vs Appeasement & Shame.

God is upstream from Man.
Man is upstream from Family.
Family is upstream from Church, Business, and Government.
Church, Business, and Government are upstream from the City.
The City is upstream from Culture and Civilization.

So before a man can attempt to change the culture around him, he must first reconcile with God, the starting point from which all identity flows.

Once a man is submitted to God’s responsibility and leadership, he can then take responsibility and leadership over his personal life, his family, and his immediate environment.

These are the men who will reform their churches, businesses, and governments.

How do I reconcile myself to God?
Jesus stands at the door of your heart, but the handle is on the inside.
Only you can let Him in.

Lots of people pray, but praying is like talking through the door, you know He’s there somewhere, but you don’t know Him personally.

Many of us are too afraid to open the door because of all the trash we are trying to hide from God.

He is not offended by you, in fact God sent Jesus to save you from your trash, not to condemn you for it!

He doesn’t want your religion. He wants your heart, trash and all.

“Jesus, I open the door of my heart to you. I submit myself to your lordship, and I gladly receive your blood poured out for me, and your body broken for me, which cleans me of all unrighteousness. Thank you Father God that you now have no condemnation towards me, and that I can boldly approach your throne and be in your presence. I am no longer a sinner, but I am now a son of God!”