A long war

Take courage my lads! There are yet 7000 men who have not bowed their knee to baal. Your frame changes when you realize that 90% of the ppl around you are confused about their identity & demoralized about their purpose. Your Clarity of Identity & Courage of Purpose are a relief to those who are … More A long war

Survival Economy

The media is trying to shift you from slavery life down to survival life to depend on government for your health & safety. They don’t want you living to significance. 4HL: spend 50hrs/wk to make $1000 once off. 12HL: spend 50hrs once off, to make $1000 per week. Could I spend 50hrs working on my … More Survival Economy

Brightest Africa

Nationhood for every Tribe & Tongue. The equivalent of 5 Marshall Plans worth of Foreign Aid & Charity have been a disaster for Africans. Africa doesn’t need $. Africa needs sovereignty for every tribe & tongue, free from global banking & the tyranny of the democratic majority. Democratic Multiculturalism is the natural conclusion of any Empire. … More Brightest Africa

Family is a Weapon

Marriage & Children must become the focus of any church or organization that wants to change culture.  #Metoo & #BLM are both fruits of the glorification & promotion of husbandlessness & fatherlessness in their group hierarchies (Hollywood & Rap). How do you change culture in a group? Make married men the qualification for leadership. Stop promoting … More Family is a Weapon

Nationalism is an Agreement between Men to Stop Meddling in each other’s affairs

“Hey Scott, question for you, it’s something that I struggle with. How do you balance your faith and your nationalism?” I look at it the same way I balance my faith & my marriage. Nationalism does not mean hating other nations, just like being married doesn’t mean hating other women. It just means that I … More Nationalism is an Agreement between Men to Stop Meddling in each other’s affairs

The Wrath of a King

Proverbs 20v2 “The wrath of a king is like a roaring lion…” Roaring is how lions set public boundaries over their territory & preferences. The role of the king is to set & enforce public boundaries. “…Whoever provokes him to anger sins against his own life” Basically, if you come at the king, you best … More The Wrath of a King