The Context

We have been living through a horribly effective destruction of Christian Civilization, and remember we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

There have been many calls to save or change our society, but thats the last domino in the line.
We are trying to save the fruit, when we actually have to deal with the root.

The root, or source, of civilization is not Man. Civilization’s source is God (Col1v15-22).

“Non-Christian Western Civilization is not worth saving. Saving a non-Christian West is like putting something in the fridge five minutes before it goes bad, it will just go bad a little bit later.” – @memealchemy


God is upstream from Man.
A man will become like whatever he worships.
(In Genesis1v26-28) God says “we have made man in our image and our likeness.”
And then He commissioned us to go and work in the garden, to be fruitful and multiply the image of God, and to take dominion over the earth as stewards.
What we believe, we cultivate into the world around us.

Man is upstream from Family.
God designed Woman as a helpmeet for Man to accomplish his mission.
As goes the man, so goes the family. If a man forgets his identity then the family falls apart.
But if the man honors his God-given identity then the family flourishes.
A two parent household, a husband who provides and protects for his stay at home wife, and some form of homeschooling are the foundations for children to grow into healthy, faithful and powerful adults.

Family is upstream from Church.
Number one here is obviously the leader’s family. A few of the qualifications for a church leader listed alongside sober character traits, is to have one wife, and for his children to be faithful & respectable (Titus1v5-9).
And then add to that the states of the families that make up the church, which will determine how that church does community.
If it is full of responsible Men and flourishing Families then it will be a church which affects its community.
If it is full of irresponsible men and broken families then it will be a church affected by its community.
Do Christians have to be perfect? No, perfection does not please God. It is Honest & Humble men who are pleasing to God.

Church is upstream from Business.
The men leave church challenged to go and do their work according to their faith, as unto the Lord. The families’ consumer habits are influenced by their faith.
Either they have been challenged to be integrous or they will sink to their comfort level of virtue in the marketplace.

Business is upstream from Local Government.
Businessmen are always concerned over how their investments will play out in the future. They will put their resources and relationships towards candidates and policies that further their future peace and prosperity. If you have righteous businessmen, they will favor righteous candidates & policy. If you have immoral businessmen, they will favor corrupt candidates & policy. Excellent businesses also draw honor and glory into the city, take for example the effect of mom&pop business “Magnolia” on the town of Waco, Texas.
Ford, GE, Google, and Airbus are examples of big businesses dominating a region’s future.

Local Government is upstream from the City.
Local law enforcement, fiscal management, service delivery, and policy making:
What is incentivized, what is acceptable, what is unacceptable, and what is prohibited determine how the city grows and develops.

The City is upstream from Civilization.
The city is where people go to specialize and further their expertise in closer proximity to greater resources and relationships.
As cities develop their logistic networks, the size of the population it can support grows.
Communities begin to breakdown if growth is not congruent with the upstream institutions. Citizens begin to segregate in an attempt to live amongst those with a similar worldview, and avoid those with a conflicting worldview.
Dependency upon familial and church community tends to break down in highly developed cities where technology and entertainment replace human contact and fellowship.
Cities are not bad. If built in submission to the upstream institutions they can be life giving and God-pleasing.


In order to destroy Civilization, which is the downstream manifestation of God, or the fruit from the root which is God, you don’t destroy the city, or the church, or the family, or the man. You go straight to the root, which is God. You must destroy God from the heart of man. You either take God away like the Bolsheviks did. They murdered over 12million Christians in their effort to erase God from Soviet society.

Or you change who/what God is, like the humanists did; god is money, god is sex, god is power, god is yourself, man is god.
Thats the perversion of masculinity. A lot of these manosphere guys have got it right, there is a suppression and shortage of masculinity. But then instead of placing it in submission to God they then make it god.

Christian Civilization is rotten to its core: God in the heart of Man.
Each Christian man is a seed ready for re-planting.
Unless that man dies to himself, he remains only a seed, but if he dies to himself he brings forth much fruit.

I have one goal, and one goal only, to return God to the hearts of men.
A Man who is one with God, living as the image of God, starts a flow, a knock on effect, on the world downstream from him.

“There are still 7000 men who have not bowed the knee to Baal.” – Romans 11v4
I am always encouraged by this verse when it seems like the battle is too far gone.

I want to connect and encourage these 7000 men to go hard, they are scattered but not alone, they are on the right track.

Will you join the 7000?



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