King Energy

Proverbs 19v10 unpacking some King energy on us: “Luxury is not fitting for a fool…” Starting the proverb out on this foundation is very important. It sets up a metaphorical comparison for the next line. Luxury is a reward, a fruit of Wisdom. Fools can enjoy Luxury, but they cannot create & sustain Luxury. Homeless … More King Energy

Micro-Nations: Part 2

A great question from Twitter: “I’ve been following your tweets about micro nations in SA with interest. I’m not a South African but it’s a very interesting idea. Given the micro nations would preferably be ethnically cohesive, how do you see the human migration aspect playing out? Wouldn’t millions need to be on the move? … More Micro-Nations: Part 2

Micro-Nations: A Path to Peace

Micro-nations are more peaceful & prosperous than Empires. Smaller houses, smaller farms, smaller churches, smaller bank accounts, are better cared for than huge industrial ones. South Africa is a political empire which has been ruled by three successive regimes of ethno-nationalists. Sovereignty for each culture would allow them to live in peace with their neighboring … More Micro-Nations: A Path to Peace

Beating of the War Drums

In light of this media-manufactured crisis, the answer is NOT war with China. Beware any who start peddling this solution. The answer is Nationalist Macro-Economics. Coupled with Agrarian Micro-Economics. Nationalist Economics:Bring industry & manufacturing back to your own country. Employ your own countrymen. Stop importing replacement labor to compete for wages, housing, & services. Purchase … More Beating of the War Drums

Guitar & Rifle

The are two dynamics of Leadership: Hope & Bravery. Hope is easy. Everyone wants to be in leadership. Everyone has a dream. Every one wants to carry the guitar. Bravery will get you killed. Few want to be the leader. Few are willing to die for their Hope. Few want to carry the rifle. A … More Guitar & Rifle

Discerning Brothers

A “believer” is someone who believes the Word became Flesh. You do well, the devils believe. A Christian is someone who obeys that Word, Jesus Christ, & is repentant of their disobedience. Many believers are PROUD of their disobedience, which makes them “Reprobate.” Rom 1v24-28: 24 Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their … More Discerning Brothers

The War for Five.

There are five institutions that dominate the culture of a community: Mannerbund. Family. Church. Economy. Governance. Put into their elements: Guys. Girls. God. Gold. Guns. We are at all times involved in & affected by these institutions. We have the ability to lead & influence these institutions for good or evil. Think about the handful … More The War for Five.

Being the Church

The following quote from “Worldly patterns in the church” by Glenn Tungay: “Unfortunately the more institutionalized and business like a church is in its form and function (having a clear leadership hierarchy, salaried staff, buildings, programs, shops and so on), the more prescriptive in doctrine and authoritarian the leadership will tend to be. This is … More Being the Church