Do something!

Do something different. It would be better to do something wrong than to do nothing. If you are motivated by faith, go for something significant to you! God can bless a mistake made in love more than nothing made out of fear. “How long are you going to sit there? Till you die? Get up … More Do something!

Human Software Updates.

God created life to run on systems and principles. Think about gravity, think about the weather, think about seed growth, think about light, think about blood flow. All have predictable systems or principles surrounding or underpinning them. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, and God knew us before we were in our mothers womb (Jeremiah … More Human Software Updates.

Creative Responsibility

We are creative beings. Our purpose is to create. If we are frustrated or unfulfilled it could be that we aren’t creating anything considerable in our lives. Men are drawn to workshops/ kitchens/ laboratories/ gyms/ studios/ building projects like moths to a flame. Welcome to the biggest workshop/ kitchen/ laboratory/ gym/ studio/building project of your life: you. Habits are … More Creative Responsibility

A Subtle Switch

Our hearts are most satisfied by contribution, not consumption. We think it is consumption that will make us happy. Our culture ravenously consumes relationships and resources in a bid to fill the gaping hole of meaning inside of us. It is an empty promise which says that just a little bit more consumption will make … More A Subtle Switch